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Abbaye Sainte Marie de Maumont

    Personal prayer ...

    Personal prayer and Lectio divina


    the hymn sung
    at Midday Prayer at Maumont

    This hymn, from our hymnal, "Pierres d'Hymnaire" speaks of prayer as the center of the world, allowing us to enter into communion with the Divine Light, symbolized by the noonday sun


    Although prayer is universal, we often wonder what it is.
    We are inclined to say with St. Paul,
    "we do not know how to pray as we ought." (Rm. 8:26)

    Prayer is in your mouth and in your heart
    whenever you sense in the deepest part
    of your being the Presence of Another saying.

     "You are precious in my sight,
    and I love you."

    (Dt. 30:14 & Is. 3:4).

    To be a monastic is to seek God, for God is beyond anything we can imagine.

    A monastic's goal is to deepen and grow in her knowledge
    and love of God and her neighbor.

    • We invite you to share our prayer wherever you may be, as you visit this Web site, or at the monastery. For our service schedule and an explanation of the "Liturgy of the Hours" or Divine Office, click on the links.
    • Prayer intentions We invite you to send us your prayer requests and share your pain and joy. We will pray with you.

    A simple way to let the Divine Presence grow in us is to contemplate Jesus in the Gospels, to read the Bible calmly, attentively and slowly.
    In this way, we enter into a personal relationship with Christ, Who gives meaning to all that we are and will become.