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Abbaye Sainte Marie de Maumont

    Be oblates

    Bénédictine spirituality
    for everyone

    Many baptized Christians choose Saint Benedict as their spiritual mentor,
    and come to a monastic community to deepen their faith,
    become centered in Christ,
    and live according to their beliefs in the midst of the demands of daily life.

    St. Benedict's wisdom regarding work and prayer,
    and his healthy balance between activity and rest,
    has much to offer our frenetic society.

    Ecoute, mon fils, incline l'oreille de coeur. Qui veut la vie et désire le bonheur ? Si tu réponds "Moi"

    Oblate, from a Latin word meaning "to offer or give," refers to someone who wishes to give him- or herself to God, with the Rule of St. Benedict as guide and a monastic community as support.

    At Maumont, we welcome both women and men of all ages, single and married, as oblates. We are always happy to talk to people who would like to know more about St. Benedict's Rule and spiritual path.